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About Ivo

Fishing is Fantastic. It gets you outdoors & usually with some nice surroundings. It can be exciting, peaceful & stress relieving all at once. Further, it brings friends & family closer together by having them spend quality time together. You may even bring home some nice fresh fish for the dinner table. What a sport!

My father started me off fishing at a very young age. Growing up with two brothers, we were able to have many fishing trips together. Our cousins would also join in, making it even more enjoyable. We did not have a boat - so needless to say - we knew where every shore fishing spot was.

I learned a lot over those years & we caught everything from Sunfish to Walleye, and everything in between. We even made annual trips to New Jersey and Connecticut, to go salt water fishing as well as crabbing & Clamming. Salt water fishing is a whole new experience & boy, did we ever have fun.

As soon as I got married, I bought my first boat & that opened up a whole new world for me. I fished regularly & often – each & every chance I got. Weekends, after work, before work, it didn’t matter – I was on the water. Meanwhile, I still managed to have 3 children & remain happily married (my wife is very understanding).

I continued the tradition of fishing salt water & made many, many trips, concentrating on the east coast of Canada & the USA, as well as down south to Florida. Also, born & raised in Niagara Falls, Ontario I was surrounded by some of the best fresh water fishing around & I sure took advantage of that. I fished for all species of fish, and year round as well. My boat would hit the water in March/April, right after ice out & I would fish right up to the end of the year. Then, I would get out my ice fishing gear. What a life!

Then I became involved with Quantum, Zebco and Luhr Jensen, joining their Pro Staff. That was a lot of fun. This gave me an opportunity to see the other side of Fishing. Spending time with Pros & getting to know T.V. Fishing show hosts was surely a bonus. I was even featured in an Ontario Out of Doors magazine, with my brother Claudio. Further, I joined the Niagara Bassmasters & ended up as Youth Director for a couple of years, followed by Tournament Director for a couple of years – that was fun. I was fishing tournaments, as well as organizing & running tournaments.

Fishing tournaments started to become second nature. I may have been humbled at some tournaments, but also won more than my fair share. Overall, I liked the challenge & competitiveness of tournaments – oh, and the money’s not bad either! It didn’t matter, bass, walleye, salmon, trout etc. I did them all. Spending time pre-fishing, developing tournament tactics & strategies, traveling all over…what a great time.

People knew I was into fishing, big time, so I was regularly asked for advice & tips. I always shared any information & taught people along the way. Now, in conjunction with my two brothers Claudio and Phil, we have our own lure company. This has allowed me an opportunity to share information on a much larger scale and I am very happy to do so.

In fact, we recently launched our very own TV show “Thundermist Fishing Tips” and our first 13 episodes aired on the Sportsman channel, nationally in the USA. I had the pleasure of being your host and look forward to hosting many more episodes!

Three boats later, I’m still as active as ever. Day trips, week end trips, tournaments, vacations, friends & family – it just doesn’t get any better than this. Fishing with friends is great, but fishing with family is priceless.

Wishing you the best of fishing,