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About Antonio

If I were to describe myself in a few words I would have to say that I’m a fishing fanatic. I’m the guy who has been fishing from day one; instead of soccer practice, music class or girls I would be fishing. I’m the guy who even skipped his prom just to get another day out on the water! So it’s clear that my obsession with the sport of fishing began early in life and it continued throughout my university career as well. I would pick my classes far apart so that I could go fishing between them, or close together that way I could go before or after, and many times I would do both!

I would go still fishing for trout, carp and catfish and at the same time while waiting for a bite, I would be doing homework, or studying for my exams. This had made my university career a very pleasant experience and in many cases has pulled me through it.

In my fourth year of my honors program I was able to have the opportunity to do research on an idea I had. My research dealt with the ability of fish to learn by observation, in which the results of my experiments have shown to be able to increase fish stocking efficiencies. Therefore this work I hope some day will mean more fish in our lakes to go fishing for!

Well at this point I’ve graduated with an honors degree in Biological Science and a minor in Earth Science, both with first class standing, which is all fine and dandy, but it does not compare to a good days fishing. All the fishing I’ve done up until my university graduation has been from shore.

I am a boatless fisherman; I live to fish from shore. Throughout the years I’ve learned that you don’t need a boat to catch that huge salmon or that lunker bass, you can catch every fish you desire from shore if you are in right spots and you’re fishing the right methods.

I will be sharing all the tips for catching fish from shore in my boatless angler series, where I know will help everyone catch more fish and encourage some boatless fishing which I enjoy most!

Hope to see you out there,