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Knowledge Equals Success – The Must-Know 7 Facts to Catching Your Fish

Are you one of those folks who are often left fishless after each outing?

“Well, how did you do today?”
“Nothing…. Every time I get out, I never catch anything anyway”.

To be successful at catching fish, there are actually many factors that you should know. An extremely important factor is to learn as much as you can about the species of fish that you wish to catch. For instance:

  1. where they live
  2. what they eat
  3. how they eat
  4. how big do they get
  5. do they migrate
  6. the type of bottom they prefer (or suspended)
  7. how deep they are found

This is very important.

Let’s suppose you would like to catch flounder (fluke) for example. If you’ve done your homework, you should at least know some of these facts:

  1. that they live in salt water
  2. squid, bait fish, etc
  3. that they lay motionless directly on the bottom to ambush bait fish or squid (are predatory) and that they feed by sight & vibration
  4. average about 4 lbs in weight
  5. that they are migratory
  6. prefer an irregular bottom
  7. they are found in fairly shallow water

These fishing-catching facts will direct you on how, where and when to catch your fish. To learn exactly how to catch founder (fluke), click here for the continuation.

Good fishing

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