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5 Points on Using Floating Jig Heads to Catch More Fish

Floating jig heads can be a very effective way to catch fish. Here are a few points to consider when using floating jig heads, which will put you on to more fish!

1) Live Bait or Artificial Bait?

Both live bait & artificial bait will well, but live bait in this case is definitely better. One of the key things to keep in mind is that the bait needs to be light enough, to allow you jig head to float.

Some of the artificial baits on the market can be heavy & thus will weigh down your floating jig head, loosing its’ effectiveness.

2) When to Use


Primarily, when using floating jig heads, they are best used when you want to ensure that your bait remains suspended off the bottom – avoiding weeds, rocks etc… Or, if you want to fish suspended, floating jig heads offer a great advantage & here’s why:

3) The Floating Jig Head, “Fishing Suspended” Advantage

Typically, if you want to fish suspended, you would use a slip bobber & try to adjust your depth accordingly. With floating jig heads, you can precisely fish at the depth you want.

In order to achieve this, you simply make your leader line to your floating jig head, the length you want to suspend, less the length of line to your sinker. For example:

If your leader line is tied 1 foot above your sinker and you want to fish 5 feet above the bottom, you would then tie a 4 foot leader to you floating jig head.

The only drawback to this system is that it would be difficult to fish 20 feet off the bottom, as you would need a 19 foot leader line & that would be difficult to mange. But for those times you just want to fish a few feet off the bottom, this is an ideal system to use!

4) More Advantages

Further, floating jig heads come in various colors, which act as an extra attractant and some days, that can make a big difference

5) What to Look For?


When choosing floating jig heads, the key thing to look for is a quality hook, with a good gap size. Most companies will offer a variety of colors, but quality hooks are a must.


If you have never used floating jig heads before, be sure to give them a try – especially when you want to fish suspended.

Until next time, good fishing,


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