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4 Tips on Choosing the Perfect Fishing Lure Color

When it comes to catching fish, some typical questions anglers ask are “what did you catch them on” and “what color did you use”? These are probably 2 of the most common questions that we anglers carry in our vocabulary – and why not, they are important.


1) Does Color Make A Difference?

Yes, color makes a difference & can make a big difference. Even when fish are very aggressive & active, you may find that you are catching fish on all colors – but – you may have caught more fish or bigger fish on the “right” color. Lure Color is one key to having great days on the water.

2) Tips on Using Silver or Gold Colors

Silver & gold are your “bread and butter” colors. They are your basic colors which will work in all situations. As a general rule, silver is a great color to use on bright, sunny days, where as on darker, cloudy days, gold would be best.

Also, consider the water clarity you are fishing. If the water you are fishing in is clear, then silver would work best. Silver gives off tremendous flash in clear water, especially on a sunny day. Fish will be able to see your lure form quite a distance.

If the water you are fishing is rather “tea-stained” or a bit dirty or “cloudy”, then the gold color lure would be your best choice. Gold has fantastic reflective qualities in tea-stained/dirty water – much better that silver.

Keep these two simple tips in mind when choosing between silver and gold based lures, and you will be certain to have a better day of catching fish!

3) Dark Lures on Dark Days & Bright Lures on Bright Days

A general rule of thumb anglers follow is to use bright color lures on bright days & dark color lures on dark days. As a general rule, this is somewhat true, although keep in mind that black will always work, regardless of the day.

4) Lure Color & Different Depths

If you are fishing down 20 feet deep & catching plenty of fish on a particular lure, and then the fishing slows & you find out the fish have moved deeper – the same lure may not be as effective.

This is because as you go deeper, the reflective quality changes & thus the appearance changes. So the next time you ask “what color did you catch them on” the next question should be “how deep were you fishing”?

Choose you colors wisely & try different colors on different days & at different depths. Keep in mind some of the tips noted above & you will be able to figure a winning pattern!

Until next time, good luck & good fishing,


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