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4 Different Baits/Lures to use when Fishing for Snook

The beauty of fishing for snook is that it gives you an opportunity to use a multitude of different baits. You can use live bait, cut bait, or artificial baits and you can be assured that snook will give you a great fight as well!

Consider using different baits/lures for snook under different situations


1) Crank baits

Snook will readily take a crank bait. Typically, you will want to use a crank bait when you want to cover plenty of water, fast and when the snook are active. For example, it’s not a good idea to use a crank bait after a cold front.

Deep diving crank baits will get you down to the bigger snook, where as shallow diving baits will most likely net you smaller snook. It seems as though the larger snook are usually cruising the bottom, and the smaller snook may suspend a bit.

2) Buck tail Jigs

Snook love buck tail. When selecting a buck tail jig, keep in mind that a bit of red buck tail will go a long way towards helping net a snook. Also keep in mind the depth you will be fishing & the strength of tide when selecting the weight of your buck tail jig.

Generally, if you are fishing 20 feet deep, with a “fairly strong” current/tide, you will need to use a 2 oz. buck tail jig. It will take 2 ozs to get you down there and keep you in contact with the bottom.

If you can find a buck tail jig on a stand up head, tip it with some sort of cut bait. The cut bait will add more bulk to your jig & the stand up profile will present it nicely to feeding snook.

3) Spoons

spoon-baitSnook will readily take a spoon. The challenge is getting them down to them. If you are using a Viper Spoon, be sure to bait it with cut bait or artificial bait as this will give you a definite advantage. Get it down to the bottom with a 3-way swivel & drop sinker set up.

If you are using conventional spoons, use heavy spoons in order to get down to the bottom quicker. Jigging spoons are also very effective, especially when tipped with bait.

4) Flies

If you love fly fishing, snook will be right up your alley. Streamer flies worked closer to the bottom will net you bigger snook & again, look for a bit of red in your fly.


Snook love cover. Snook will sit behind cover, inside cove or around cover & look to ambush a meal. Snook can also be found roaming the sandy shorelines, but if you can find some structure, you’ll be sure to find some snook… its hit & miss on the sandy shorelines.

Fishing for snook is very exciting & offers something for all different types of anglers. Along with all the above, snook will readily take all sorts of live bait or cut bait. Should you happen to catch a keeper snook, keep in mind that they also make for fantastic table fare!

Until next time, good fishing!


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