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2 Ways to Better Fluke Fishing - Part 2 of 2

All is good except there is a part of the 3-way fishing that I didn’t like. The problem was that my leader line kept wrapping around my sinker line every time I was ready to fish.

Could it be that the tension given by the weight of the sinker caused the 3-way to spin, which in turn, wraps the line? The fact that the sinker also spins around probably doesn’t help matters either.

Whatever the case, my rig looked like a mess and I would have to unwrap before sending it down.


If I didn’t, my set-up would remain wrapped as I fished; defeating the whole purpose behind the design benefits of the 3-way swivel. My Viper Spoon would be dragging bottom with no action.

There wasn’t one time that my set-up was wrap-free! I have tried other types of 3-ways hoping to solve the problem but they all basically did the same thing.

Unwrapping my line every time became very, very frustrating. Not to mention that it was also biting into my precious fishing time.

It was this frustration that was the driving force for us at Thundermist to do something about this situation. We finally designed and produced the “T-Turn” 3-way swivel to our specifications.


The T-Turn has an independent center swivel that freely rotates 360 degrees around the main line.

Tying the leader line to this swivel of course allows the leader to rotate 360 degrees as well.

The leader line will straighten itself moments after hitting the water; therefore when trolling or drifting, my set-up will always be a neat, clean, unwrapped presentation.

I could finally fish the 3-way system without ever unwrapping.

This folks, has finally changed my frustration days into pleasurable ones. I can now be more efficient at fluke fishing and actually have an enjoyable time at bottom bouncing again. Finally a 3-way swivel that actually works… life’s good!

Good fishing!

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