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2 Quick Fishing Tips - Fishing Reels and What ‘Knot’ to do

Today, I would like to share two quick, simple fishing tips with you – that will help you with your fishing reel as well as your fishing line, and enable you to land more fish.

Fishing Reel – drag system

Once you get out on the water, the first thing you should do is check your drag. You will want to be sure that your drag is tight enough to allow you to set the hook.

I like to have my drag very tight, while fishing. It should be tight enough so that when you set the hook, little to no line should come off your spool.

Once you have set the hook, then you can back off on the drag setting. Be sure not to go to loose with your drag, as you will not be able to reel in the fish and you will also loose control.

If your drag is too tight, as the fish gets closer to you, you run the risk of breaking your line – so find that spot in your drag that keeps your line fairly tight, but still allows line to be released from your spool, once the fish pulls hard.

When your day if over and you come off the water, be sure to loosen up your drag system. You will want to do this each and every time you come off the water, as this will take the pressure off of your reel’s drag system, and relax the multi discs – which will ensure your drag will continue to perform to its maximum ability, each and every time.

What “knot” to do

Have you ever gone fishing and you just picked up your rod and used the same lure or jig you had tied on from your previous time out on the water?

This is o.k. to do – especially if you have confidence in the jig or lure – but there is one thing you should do, before taking that first cast.

Take a minute and re-tie your lure or jig. The knot you have from the last time you were out on the water would be weakened – so you run the risk of getting cut off with the first fish you catch.

Also, when you re-tie, if your line is weak (such as monofilament line can get) it will break when you make your new knot. This will be your queue to strip off some line and then re-tie again.


These advantages you gain, by maintaining your drag system and re-tying old knots, will not only allow you to land more fish, but it will also save you plenty in lost tackle!

As always folks, until next time, good luck and good fishing.

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