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Special Video Feature

Video - Two Easy and Simple Ways to Fillet a Bullhead Catfish


Hello everyone, this week we have a video for you on how to fillet a bullhead catfish, in two different quick and easy ways. Read More »

Video - Landing a Huge 23 lb Salmon with a Small Fishing Net


Watch as Ivo tries to land a huge salmon with a tiny bass net! The salmon weighed in at just over 23 pounds! Read More »

Video - How to Snell your own Hook


This week Ivo and Antonio show you how to snell your own hooks. Many hooks come pre-snelled, however there are many great advantages to snell your own hooks. Read More »

Video - Shore Fishing Tips and Tricks for Channel Catfish


This video is loaded with catfishing tips and tricks, and some great channel catfish catching action! Read More »

Video - Jigging for Sea Bass with a Bonus Blue Fish


This week Ivo and Phil show you how they jig up fish after fish! They were jigging using all different lures, everything from bucktail jigs to Boa Jig’rs! Read More »

Video - How to Rig Your SP5 Viper Spoon


This week we have a highly requested video on how to rig an SP5 sized Viper Spoon with many different bait examples from a whole mackerel to a whole squid, to a cut bait strip. Read More »