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Special Video Feature

How to Secure your Hook/Jig on your Rod for Travel and Storage | Thundermist Quick Fishing Tip


Hello folks, this week we’d like to share a quick fishing tip on how to store your jig/hook on your rod while travelling, or storing your set up. Read More »

Jack Crevalle and Black Grouper Fishing in the Florida Keys


Hello folks, this time we’re fishing in the Florida Keys. We had tough windy conditions but we managed to get ourselves a new couple black groupers and a powerful jack crevalle! Read More »

How to Catch Fish that You Can See Close to Shore | Thundermist Quick Fishing Tip


Hello folks, today’s quick fishing tip is about how to catch fish that you can you see from shore. Read More »

Bottom Trolling for Freshwater Walleye on Lake Erie with the Viper Spoons and Nightcrawlers


Hello folks, this week we’re trolling along the bottom of Lake Erie, rigged up with a selection of SP2 Viper Spoons, baited up with live nightcrawler worms. Read More »

New! Thunder Braid - Premium Braided Fishing Line


Hello folks! We’re proud to announce the launch of our premium braided fishing line, Thunder Braid! Read More »

Should you Trim your Leader Line after Every Fishing Trip? | Quick Fishing Tip


Hello folks. Today’s quick tip is taken from this question from “Flounder Hunter: Thank you for the tip ivo, also do u cut off your flouro leader after every trip and tie up a fresh one?” Read More »