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Special Video Feature

How to Fillet a Tautog - Boneless Tautog Fish Cleaning


When it comes to saltwater fishing, saltwater fish taste fantastic. Tautog are one of the best out there. If you can get a hold of a tautog, you should definitely give it a try as it is a very very tasty fish. Read More »

Jigging Spoon Fall Smallmouth Bass with the Stingnose - Advice on Fall Jigging for Bass


We’re out on Lake Erie today, early November, and we’ll be working some jigging spoon magic as we jig up those fall smallmouth bass. Read More »

New Crank Baits! The Realistic Misty Minnow and Cranking for Silver Bass


We’re proud to announce the new crankbait series, the American Smelt and the Misty Minnow! Both style of crankbaits are hand-crafted to be lifelike versions of smelts and minnows. Read More »

Shore Fishing for Salmon on the Fraser River, BC


Today we’re on the shoreline of the Fraser River in British Columbia. I’ve never fished for salmon on the Fraser River before, and I’m glad you can join me today. Read More »

Easy Carp Fishing Tips - Simple Bite Detection Tips and Huge Carp Catching Action


Hello folks, on today’s episode we’re going to be fishing for carp. We’ll be using a different set up to help with easier bite detection. Read More »

Boatless Angler - Top Water Striper Tips


No boat? No problem! We’re boatless today fishing top water on the saltwater shores looking for those striped bass. Read More »