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Special Video Feature

Fishing Q&A - Invasive Carp, Murky Water Carp, and Carp Locations


Today’s Fishing Q&A is all about carp! Read More »

Ice Fishing Tips for Perch


Today’s episode we’re finally out on the ice fishing for those lovely winter perch. We’ve got the boatless angler with us today along with the rest of the Thundermist crew. Read More »

Fishing Q&A - Hook Sizes, Teasers, and Dark Water Lures


Today’s Fishing Q&A questions are about hook sizes for salmon, in-line teasers, and lure colours for dark or murky waters. Read More »

Healthy, Easy, Very Delicious, Baked Trout - 5 Star Family Recipe


On today’s episode of Thundermist Fishing Tips, we’re going to share with you some cooking recipes with you. In particular, I’d like to share with you a trout recipe that is both quick, easy, and is absolutely delicious! Read More »

Fishing Q&A - Rod Lengths, Line Strength, Best Pike Bait, and Bass Fishing Times


Welcome to another Fishing Q&A video, where we¬†take some time to answer some great fishing questions we’ve received. Today we have three different questions I’d like to answer and talk about; the questions today are about different topics entirely. Read More »

Easy Way to Fillet a Fish - How to Fillet a Grouper and Other Bass-Like Fish


In today’s episode, we’re going to give a demo on how to clean a grouper. We can thank the boatless angler, Antonio, for this catch which will be sure to provide us with a nice dinner. Read More »