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Special Video Feature

Flat Line Trolling for Lake Trout in the Morning


It’s bright and early, and we’re out here on Lake Ontario flat line trolling for lake trout. We had every fisherman’s good luck sign come true: got a hook up on the first cast! Read More »

Jigging Tips for Walleye on the Rocks


It’s a great, but cold day out here on the water. We’re rigged up with Flexi-Jigs and fishing along the rocky bottom for walleye! Read More »

Boatless Angler - Shore Fishing for Bullhead with Worms (Easy Catfish Rig)


We’re boatless today, fishing on the shore lines with the boatless angler himself, rigged up with an easy pre-tied catfish rig. Read More »

Jigging for Lake Trout with Smelt-Imitating Jigging Spoons


We’re back out here on the water with the boatless angler (yes on a boat again), and we’re using a special smelt imitating jigging spoon: the bigger of the Stingnose line. Read More »

Catching Smallmouth Bass with Crankbaits (Loaded with Fish-Catching Tips)


Last July I missed opening smallmouth bass day due to terrible weather, though this video more than makes up for it. Read More »

Jigging for Lake Trout with the Stingnose Jigging Spoon


I’m out at the mouth of the Niagara River today, geared up with the Stingnose jigging spoons targeting lake trout. Read More »